Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Vegan-Friendly Treats

Sweet Satisfaction providing you with 100% Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Vegan-Friendly Treats!


About Us

We provide the very best Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Vegan-Friendly treats & deliver them to your door! Treat yourself or a loved one to treats you thought you wouldn't be able to enjoy ever again such as Truffles, Toffees, Caramels & so much more.
All our products are 100% American, sourced from local manufactures located in the East of the US.  Find out more About Us

What people are saying about Us

I enjoyed eating the gluten-free dairy free food.  It was nice knowing it was safe to eat and I didn't need a dairy pill. My favorite was the English toffee

Elizabeth Frisch

The Cashew Brittle was amazingly delicious and rich. I had some English Toffee left over from the first box and that was also a big hit. The Sweet Buddies Bars were outstanding. They are so unique in texture and taste that everybody kept wanting more bites. People were arguing over which flavor truffle was better! Everyone had their own favorite flavor. The Twilight and Buccaneer bars were also amazing and reminded several people of Milky Way and Three Musketeer bars. Of course, everyone loved the NoNo's Satisfying! Rich! So much healthier than commercial treats - I can't believe they don't contain corn syrup! These are amazing!

Sylvia Lippmann

So fun to come home to a package of goodies! I absolutely loved the truffles, caramels, and the M&M’s (NoNo’s) candies! 

Liz Freeman

Thank you for such a great first box! I can't eat gluten or dairy, so this box was like heaven!

Serina Patterson