Finding a Little Bit of Normalcy in a Gluten and Dairy Filled World

I was at my local health food coop recently and noticed several interesting candy treats for sale while waiting to check out.  My heart leapt as I hoped some of them were dairy and gluten free.  Nope.  None of them were.  I got excited for a minute as I saw a small wrapped dark chocolate with almond butter candy for sale, but I didn’t see anything saying “dairy free” and the print was too small to read.  I figured it probably wasn’t.


I’m not trying to be trendy here, I just have issues with hives and breathing problems when I eat dairy and gluten.  Believe me, I wouldn’t give them up otherwise.  Bread is probably my most favorite food in the entire universe.  Gluten free bread just doesn’t measure up.  I appreciate that I can find substitutes, but still isn’t the same. 

One of the things that has really puzzled and confused me was “Why aren’t there interesting dairy and gluten free candies around? There are lots of gluten free cookies (often made with dairy ~ which is disappointing) sure, you can find dark chocolate, but ~ What the heck ~ sometimes I want to have my candy taste like milk chocolate without the “milk”.  I have looked and looked and ~ meh.  I finally turned to the internet and WOW, lots of fun stuff.  I couldn’t believe it.  Why aren’t these wonderful items at my stores?  Not even at Whole Foods.  Do people think I want to eat healthy all the time?  Heck no.  I mean I do eat pretty healthy, but I want to have a regular tasting candy bar now and then.  I don’t always want an “apricot almond coconut energy bar”.  I want something that tastes like a Milky Way or a Krackle bar. Is that too much to ask for?  Apparently not, if you want to order by mail anyway.

And yippee skippy, I found what I was looking for.  Candy bars and melt in your mouth truffles and toffee all dairy and gluten free. Ahhhh, toffee, I have missed you so much.  There are caramels, candy that is similar to M&M’s and shortbread and other fun things too. It was like Christmas.  YES!!!

diary and gluten free m&ms

I know you find it as frustrating as I do to live in a world where almost everything we can find to eat contains gluten or dairy or both.  It doesn’t seem fair, but it is the way it is and we will be fine no matter what.  We can’t have the pronto pup or ice cream at the fair.  We say “hold the bun” when out for a hamburger.   Even beer!!! Belgium wheat is my favorite.  Dang.  I’m not going to go on about how awful it is to not be able to have gluten or dairy.  Yes, I do get a little down now and then, but mostly I am used to it by now. I’m determined to live a happy life in spite of my sensitivities.  At least I now have such great candy to eat.  I don’t feel so left out anymore.

Then it occurred to me there must be a lot of people like me in the world.  And I want to bring them happiness and joy too.  Why not send them some great candy every month?  So that is how “Sweet Freedom” got started.  I am not advocating we overindulge in sugary treats, but rather we savor the deliciousness of a bite of well-made candy rather than just gulping it down.  Perhaps that is one of the benefits of having sensitivities, we can appreciate and be grateful for those who make these treats with love and care.  Many of the chocolates I have found are made in a home kitchen.  The ingredients are organic or at the very least partially organic. You won’t find hydrogenated fats in most of them. Some are made in a factory type setting but are still healthier than ones found in the supermarkets.

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