Manufacturer Spotlight: Chocolate Inspirations

Chocolate Inspirations began with three generations of women and an English Toffee recipe.

In 1992, Pam made her homemade English Toffee as gifts for friends. Days after the gifts were received Pam’s phone range off the hook- callers were in a frenzy to purchase more of her toffee!

Overwhelmed with orders Pam’s mom Charlotte (Grammies) and daughter Marcy stepped in to help. As the frenzy continued Marcy began to encourage her mom to open her own business

In 1993 Pam traded a batch of homemade cookies for a chocolate machine and Chocolate Inspirations was born.

In 1999 Pam received an “Outstanding Confection” finalist award at the National Fancy Food Show…  and that was just the beginning.

In 2005 Pam created and launched a line of plant-based (vegan/dairy free) artisan confections. Her new line has received rave reviews from People Magazine and actress Alicia Silverstone.

As our company grew so did our family of women, Marcy’s best friend Jill became a partner and fourth generation of women joined the team.

Today four generations of women work together to provide hand-crafted artisan confections that will change your mind on how chocolate should taste.

Chocolate Inspirations

This is what Wow tastes like!

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